Luxembourg Fund Market Evolves

Luxembourg Fund Market Evolves

Here are some updated statistics on the fund market in Luxembourg:
  • "Assets domiciled in the Grand Duchy may have fallen in 2008 but the number of funds is up. Luxembourg-domiciled fund assets fell by nearly 30% to $2,152 billion by the end of 2008, down from $3,024 billion in 2007, according to Lipper the fund research and analysis organization."
  • "However, the number of funds was up nearly 10% to from 10,971 to 12,102 over the year, which Lipper said highlights that there is still sustained interest in Luxembourg as a jurisdiction, even during such turbulence in the financial markets."
  • "Specialised Investment Funds (SIFs) contributed $179.6 billion in 1,712 funds. This total is slightly down on last year's total (US$ 205.4bn), but still considerably up on that for funds under the previous law ($104.7 billion in 2006). "
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