Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner | Toxic Asset Plan

Timothy F. Geithner

Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner

Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner | Toxic Asset PlanI believe that the Obama administration may have a hard time attracting many hedge fund and private equity groups in supporting Timothy Geithner's plan on cleaning up toxic bank assets. Since Obama has taken office the US government has been playing with the idea of regulating hedge funds, discussing decreasing their capital gains tax privileges, and in some circles limiting their pay. This combined with the recent actions against AIG and UBS make many funds will be careful in what they commit to. A favor done today may be a burden tomorrow.
Obama administration officials worked Sunday to persuade reluctant private investors to buy as much as $1 trillion in troubled mortgages and related assets from banks, with government help.

The talks came a day before the Treasury secretary, Timothy F. Geithner, planned to unveil the details of the administration’s long-awaited plan to purchase troubled assets, meant to remove them from the balance sheets of banks and, in turn, spur banks to lend more money to consumers and companies.

The deal is good, but it’s not worth it if I’m buying myself into a retroactive tax or a Congressional hearing,” the chief executive of a major investment firm said, insisting on anonymity because he did not want to seem at odds with the Treasury Department in the event that his firm ends up participating. source

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