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Review of Investor Directory Solution

Review of Hedge Fund Investor Directory by Capital HedgeBelow please find a review and overview of Capital Hedge's investor directory solution. My background is in third party marketing and capital raising so having used similar products as this in the past I'm always interested to see what these types of firms are now offering. Here is a run down of the Capital Hedge investor directory solution:
  • Capital Hedge investor profiles contain highly detailed information such as: Investor type, preferred AUM, preferred track record, investor AUM, mandates, what current strategies they are currently interested in allocating to, and detailed profile information (usually 12-15 bullet points) – as well as standard info (phone, primary contact, email, address, AUM)
  • Over 8,000 profiled investors included (compared to 2,000 or so with other database or directory options)
  • Data is constantly updated and growing to ensure clean and accurate information
  • CRM tools built within the platform to make the asset raising process more efficient such as: note saving tools on our prospects, ability to implement list management allowing you to create list of prospects, prospect ranking features, calendar function that tracks the last date and time of contact etc
  • 100% web accessible via username and password
  • Current clients include: hedge fund managers, FOF’s, third party marketers, real estate funds, and private equity groups.
  • Platform includes every type of hedge fund investor, here are a few: family offices, endowments, foundations, US wealth advisors, NON us wealth advisors, tax exempt groups, government groups, insurance groups etc etc . . . . . . .
The Capital Hedge solution is structured so that someone could use their platform as their CRM tool or they can choose import contact into something such as Act or I have always preferred to have one source of CRM management and recent updates of Act seem worthless so i would go the route if you are looking at starting a new marketing campaign.

I hope the above review of the Capital Hedge solution is helpful - while access to this information is not free of charge it is designed to help those hedge funds who would like to work a bit more efficiently and shrink down their allocation cycle. In the spirit of full disclosure the above review, while completely accurate to my knowledge was done as part of a promotion, Capital Hedge supports, please support them in return. Their website is online at

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