Qualitative Hedge Fund Due Diligence

Qualitative Due Diligence

Qualitative Hedge Fund Due Diligence

Qualitative Hedge Fund Due Diligence Here is a short article excerpt from a piece discussing the growing importance of due diligence on more of a qualitative rather than quantitative level.
The new hedge fund reality places even greater emphasis on due diligence, but it doesn’t mean that investors should start ignoring or abandoning the alternative asset class.

This was part of the message presented to investors today at the Managed Funds Association conference in Key Biscayne, Fla., by Meredith Jones, managing director of PerTrac Financial Solutions LLC of New York.

“I think quantitative analysis tools are great, but without critical thinking skills, it’s just math,” she said. “Qualitative analysis is clearly more important than it’s ever been.” source
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