Million Dollar Traders TV Show (Part 1 of 12)

Hedge Fund TV Show

Hedge Fund TV Show (Part 1 of 12)

In the UK there was recently a reality TV show where a hedge fund manager, Lex Van Dam finds 8 professionals and provides them with $1M each, to run their own hedge funds.

The eight ordinary people are given a million dollars, a fortnight of intensive training and two months to run their own hedge fund. Among them are an environmentalist, a soldier, a boxing promoter, an entrepreneur, a retired IT consultant, a vet, a student and a shopkeeper. Since the show aired it has now been made available online. We will posting a series on the show here on, and this is part 1 of 12 of that series.

This video has been removed. To view over 100 additional hedge fund videos please browse our Hedge Fund Video Library.

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Anonymous said...

I was hoping to catch this online after reading a news piece about it, but it's only showing to British residents. Looks like that's what happened here also..

Richard Wilson said...

This video series was available for weeks online through Youtube but now on the day that we embed it within our website it has been taken down. Sorry for any confusion caused by this.

- Richard

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