Family Offices in Europe & US An Evolution

Family Offices in Europe & US An Evolution

Family Offices in Europe & US An EvolutionJust found a PDF document on the history and evolution of family offices. This document also goes into some of the benefits of working with a multi-family office. Here is an excerpt from this article:
Opposed to common belief, although the term “family office” originates from the U.S., the concept of generic “offices” or “gatekeepers”, “protectors of family wealth” etc. goes considerably further back, i.e. to the Crusades and the concept of the “trust”, but also to banking families in Europe (Medicis, Rothschilds). In fact, even during the Shang dynasty in China (1600 B.C.) and merchants in ancient Japan, there were individuals and groups of people dedicated to serving, protecting and preserving families and their members
across several generations.

Read the full PDF by clicking here.

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