What is a Family Office? | Wealth Management

What is a Family Office?

What is a Family Office? | Wealth Management

I just found a PDF on family offices which lays out 5 differences between wealth management firms and family offices. Since I get many questions related to what family offices do and how marketers can reach them I thought this list may help:

Top 5 Differences Between Wealth Management & Family Offices
  1. Clients informed of all the risks and advantages of every decision, thus empowering them to understand the impact of the choices they make and the effect on their long-term goals. They provide sophisticated investment advice and
  2. implementation to meet the customized needs of taxable families with complex wealth structures. They add value by working collaboratively,
  3. combining internal resources with a client’s team of advisors to develop unique solutions to challenges that cross disciplines, such as estate, tax, risk management and similar fields.They provide leadership in family governance and
  4. education, a critical factor in preparing future generations for the complex obligations of wealth management and preservation. They take care of the day-to-day demands that
  5. wealth can impose, relieving family members of many routine worries and burdens.
Read more about family offices or read the rest of this PDF here.

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