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Sugarloaf Rock Capital

Sugarloaf Rock Capital | Hedge Fund Notes

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Resource #1: (12.8.08) Wall Street veteran Drew Marcus is exiting Deutsche Bank at the end of this year to launch his own hedge fund in the media sector in 2009. Sugarloaf Rock Capital will not be a private equity fund, so don’t look for Marcus to invest in start-ups or buyouts. Rather, he’s planning to amass a portfolio of liquid securities.

“It’s a good time to put fresh capital to work in the media sector,” Marcus told RBR/TVBR.

While most hedge funds specialize in stocks, bonds or distressed debt, Sugarloaf Rock Capital will look at investment opportunities in all three. Essentially, Marcus explained, he’s looking for good companies with bad capital structures. His firm will invest in whichever part of that capital structure looks to offer a good return. source

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