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Mark Dreier

Marc Dreier Investment Fraud Case

Marc Dreier Investment Fraud CaseHere are a series of articles and videos on the Mark Dreier investment fraud case:

Resource 1: (12.8.08) Mix allegations of financial fraud with sophisticated investors, add in the arrest of a high-profile lawyer and you've got a good old-fashioned Wall Street scandal.

Prominent New York attorney Marc Dreier was arrested at LaGuardia Airport in New York on Sunday night and charged with two counts of fraud in a $113 million scheme to defraud investors that he had allegedly engineered since October. His return to New York followed his arrest and three-day jail stay in Canada last week, where he was accused of impersonating a Canadian pension fund official as part of the scheme. source

Resource 2: (12.7.08)

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Anonymous said...

It is a good thing that he was caught now and is incarcerated as he had grandiose dreams of getting in to the hedge fund business which now it appears may have been an avenue to further his lying and cheating to feed his insatiable greed and underwrite his grossly excessively lavish lifestyle.

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