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K2 Advisors | Hedge Fund of Fund Notes

The following piece on K2 Advisors hedge fund of fund is being published as part of our daily effort to track hedge funds in the industry. To review other hedge fund research notes please see our Hedge Fund Tracker Tool.

Resource #1: (12.8.08) At a time when many pension plans are taking a step back from their alternative portfolios, one is going full steam ahead. The $30 billion Illinois Teachers’ Retirement System has committed a total of $344 million to four hedge and private equity funds.

On the hedge fund front, TRS has increased the mandate held by fund of funds shop K2 Advisors—currently $236 million—to $336 million. In addition, the plan hired Bridgewater Associates to directly manage a $179 million absolute return mandate. Bridgewater currently manages a $506 million global tactical asset allocation mandate within the plan’s real return portfolio. Both mandates will be funded from the plan’s the fixed income portfolio. source

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