Hedge Funds Definition | Myths, Facts & Trends

Hedge Funds Definition

Hedge Funds Definition | Myths, Facts & Trends

(http://HedgeFundBlogger.com) I just found a great informational report on hedge funds put out by Hedge Info. This report identifies top industry trends as:
  • Deleveraging & redemption notices
  • Redemptions + lossing = further losses
  • Change brings opportunity
  • The 3 D's - Diversification, Darwinism and Due Diligence
Why hedge funds are popular in the first place:
  • Producing above market returns over long periods of time
  • The appeal of relatively uncorrelated returns
  • Access to unique or illiquid asset classes only available to those with large amounts of capital or specialized knowledge
What is going to happen (according to this report)
  • More regulation
  • Hedge funds adapting to using less leverage overall
  • Due diligence will be even more important
  • There is a need for a global investment bank / hedge fund risk monitoring organization
If you would like to read this full report please click here.

To learn more about what a hedge fund really is please see our video: What is a Hedge Fund

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