Hedge Fund Ethics | A New Code

Hedge Fund Ethics

Hedge Fund Ethics | A New Code

The downturn of the markets, recent fraud cases and pending regulatory changes the time is ripe for a widely accepted set of principles to act by. I would like to start a discussion here on what such a code of ethics for hedge funds should include. There are some financial non-profit groups which have proposed standards but their interests are diverse and many of them do not work within the hedge fund industry.

By working with the 50 Advisory Board members of the Hedge Fund Group (HFG) and visitors to this site I would like to help put together a brief and simple code of ethics for the hedge fund industry. The end product would be actively promoted through many hedge fund related websites, discussed with hundreds of hedge fund managers and required as part of the CHA Designation Program.

Please comment below with any input you may have on this process, insight on what should be included or interest in applying to become part of the Hedge Fund Group (HFG) Board of Advisors.

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