Hedge Fund Benchmark Performance Update

Hedge Fund Benchmarks

Hedge Fund Benchmark Performance Update

(HedgeFundBlogger.com 12.8.08) Just got an email from my friends at HedgeFund.net - they have released some interesting hedge fund benchmark data and redemption numbers. Here is a quick excerpt from this release:
HedgeFund.net today released early estimates indicating total hedge fund
assets fell an additional 5.2% in November to $2.11 trillion largely due to investors redeeming a record $130.04 billion during the month. Hedge fund performance losses slowed in November, but remained negative for the sixth month in a row. The HFN Hedge Fund Aggregate Average, an equal weighted benchmark of all single manager hedge funds and CTA/managed futures products in the HedgeFund.net database, was -0.47% in November and -14.75% YTD. The HedgeFund.net database consists of over 8,600 current hedge fund, fund of funds, and CTA products.

The process of investor redemptions is not immediate and mounting losses during the year may have led to the spike in redemptions in both October and November. The hedge fund industry is in its largest ever drawdown and redemption requests likely exacerbated the situation due to forced selling. Despite record losses, the average hedge fund has significantly outperformed the S&P 500 Total Return Index which was -37.66% YTD through November.
Looking at this same report it looks like the Top 3 Best Performing Benchmarks:
  1. Short Bias
  2. Healthcare
  3. Fixed Income (non-arbitrage)
Top 3 Worst Performing Hedge Fund Benchmarks:
  1. Distressed
  2. Long Only
  3. Technology
Please click on the image below to see a full run down on the recent benchmark performance figures.

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