Analytix Capital Hedge Fund Tracker Notes

Analytix Capital

Analytix Capital Hedge Fund Tracker Notes

Analytix CapitalThe following piece on Analytix Capital is being published as part of our daily effort to track hedge funds in the industry. To review other hedge fund research notes please see our Hedge Fund Tracker Tool.

Resource #1 (12.19.08) Paul Austin, the former chief investment officer of Slimfast founder Daniel Abraham’s family office, has launched a global macro hedge fund to focus on global equities and currencies, FINalternatives has learned.

Analytix Capital’s eponymous hedge fund debuted in October with good results. The fund is up 9.45 % in its first two months of trading.

The fund is a quantitative fund that employs proprietary algorithms coupled with an automated trading platform designed specifically for high frequency trading strategies, according to the firm’s Web site. It currently sports a portfolio of five to 10 macro themes, which will expand to 20 to 30 over time. source

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