Alternative Hedge Mutual Funds | A Short List

Hedge Mutual Funds

Alternative Mutual Funds| A Short List

Not everyone has the ability to invest in hedge funds but almost anyone can emulate some of their strategies within their own portfolios or invest in ETFs or mutual funds which to a degree replicate some hedge fund investment strategies.

A few months ago I wrote an article on alternative mutual fund products which offer hedge fund related investment strategies. Through this process my research assistant helped me compile a list of alternative mutual funds which may be seen below:
  • Gateway Fund (GATEX)
  • Diamond Hill Focus Long-Short (DIAMX)
  • Hussman Strategic Growth (HSGFX)
  • Legg Mason Opportunity fund
  • the Boston Partners Long/Short fund
  • Nakoma Absolute Return Fund (NARFX)
  • New Century Alternative Strategies Fund (NCHPX)
  • Alpha Hedged Strategies Fund (ALPHX)
  • Beta Hedged Strategies Fund (BETAX)
  • TFS Market Neutral Fund (TFSMX)
  • Allianz NACM Pacific Rim A (PPRAX)
  • Caldwell & Orkin Mkt Opportunit (COAGX)
  • Diamond Hill Long-Short Fd Cl A (DIAMX)
  • Federated Market Opportunity A (FMAAX)
  • Fidelity Estate High Income Fd
  • Forester Value Fund (FVALX)
  • Franklin Templeton Hard Curr Adv (ICHHX)
  • Gabelli ABC Fund (GABCX)
  • ING PIMCO Total Return S (IPTSX)
  • James Advantage Market Neutral A (JAMNX)
  • JPMorgan Multi-Cap Mrkt Netral A (OGNAX)
  • Laudus Rosenberg US LgMdCp L/S Inv (RMNIX)
  • Laudus Rosenberg Value Lg/Shrt Inst (BMNIX)
  • Nations Mort & Asset Backed Port (NMTGX)
  • Pinnacle Value Fund (PVFIX)
  • Robeco Boston Ptrs Lg/Sh Equit Inv (BPLEX)
  • Select Environmental (FSLEX)
This is not a recommendation and this list is not complete or guaranteed to be accurate, simply our team sharing research with those who are interested in completing research on a few hedge fund related mutual fund offerings.

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