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Workshops & Webinars

What are you looking for?

There are dozens (hundreds?) of hedge fund workshops, seminars and events each year. I am interest in knowing what topics you would like to see hear more about. Are you interested in attending a workshop analyzing various hedge fund case studies? Marketing tactics? Startup Stories or Performance Analysis Discussions?

I am soliciting your feedback because I am being asked to speak at workshops in Singapore, India, London, etc. and I'm curious as to what is missing out there in terms of interesting topics.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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Anthony J. Alfidi said...

I'm interested in portfolio strategies and performance analysis. I'd also like to see discussions of the impact of new regulations on compliance, auditing, and recordkeeping.

Anthony J. Alfidi said...

I am interested in portfolio stratgies, performance analysis, and the impact of regulations on compliance requirements.

Anonymous said...

Something on hedge funds in general - I work in wealth management and would simply like to be able to discuss this topic with my clients. Does something like this exist?

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