Phillip Falcone Testimony During The Congressional Hearings

Phil Falcone

Phillip Falcone of Harbinger Capital

I just had someone send me a link to this very short bio on Phil Falcone of Harbinger Capital which is a bit dated now:

CITY: New York
FIRM: Harbinger Capital Partners
AGE: 43

A Harvard hockey star turned junk-bond trader, Falcone changed the name of his five-year-old fund company at the start of the year from Harbert Management Corp. to Harbinger Capital, for no apparent reason, as far as we can tell. By any name, with $3 billion under management and another year of nice returns (13.5 percent),


View the Harbinger Capital Hedge Fund Tracker Profile here: Harbinger Capital Partners Hedge Fund

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You can trust a hockey playing ranger with Italian heritage any day of the week.

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