Investment Quotes from Hedge Funds

Investment Quotes

Investment Quotes from Hedge Funds

Here is a collection of quotes from hedge fund managers on the market:

“I cannot find words to describe our disappointment, embarrassment and shock over the above results,” Ainslie wrote.

Congratulations to Maverick Capital for having the cojones to say this.

“Be careful buying ANYTHING today,” Kyle Bass, managing partner of Hayman Advisors, warned in an Oct. 17 letter to investors.
“There will be a time to buy stocks,” he added. “That time is a few years into the future when the strong have separated themselves from the week … a time when unemployment has hit 10% and U.S. GDP has dropped 4-5% (maybe more).”

Congrats Kyle. Not pressuring your clients into buying regardless of the season shows some back bone.
“The financial market collapse and bailout makes us sick,” he wrote. “There is likely more carnage to come.” Source

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