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Testimonial Videos

Videos of Recent Hedge Fund Testimony

Here are videos showing the testimony of each hedge fund manager in court yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday's Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Hearings , clearly showed how hedge fund bigwigs are completely far removed from reality. Not only do they want zero regulation but they also believe that the "financial tsunami was caused by already regulated industries" which do not include hedge funds. I wish somebody would explain to them that if this industry had been regulated it would have been pretty obvious that the hedge fund industry was also to blame. Remember the crippling short sales?

Richard Wilson said...

I believe the problem may be that these companies were bid up and not sold short soon enough...so the drop was faster than anyone could have imagined.

I believe many of them said they were open to some regulation, Simons said he was open to some regulation or registration as well as a change to the capital gains tax rules. They seemed pretty open minded and level headed to me.

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