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DJ Hedge Fund Indexes

Dow Jones Hedge Fund Indexes

( I thought this article on how Dow Jones was suspending the publication of over 1/3rd of their hedge fund strategy index benchmarks was interesting. I have never heard of this occurring before and I'm not sure this helps build faith in their product going forward. Here is the article excerpt:

Dow Jones Hedge Fund Indexes Inc. said Monday [Nov. 3] that it had temporarily halted daily publication of one-third of its hedge fund strategy benchmarks as the investment manager of the managed account platform worked to "reduce the risk profile of some of its underlying hedge fund managers."

Effective Oct. 31, daily publication of the long/short equity and equity market neutral strategy benchmarks was suspended. Publication of the Dow Jones Hedge Fund Balanced Portfolio Indexes was also suspended, according to the company.

Dow Jones Hedge Fund Indexes referred questions about the investment manager's action to the manager, which it did not name. The manager did not immediately respond to an inquiry passed along by Dow Jones Indexes/STOXX press office.

The long/short equity and equity market neutral indexes are among six strategy benchmarks tracked by Dow Jones Hedge Fund Indexes. The other strategies are convertible arbitrage, distressed securities , event driven and merger arbitrage. Daily publication of those strategy benchmarks will continue, according to Dow Jones Indexes. Read more...

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