Prime Broker Salary Compensation Levels | What do they earn?

Salary Levels - Prime Brokers

Average Compensation for Prime Brokers

Salary Levels for Prime BrokersAccording to Prime Brokerage Salaries in the United States are vary in different states. The average salary for entry level prime broker in the US is $49,000 as of recent. However in NY, MA, IL, CA the average salary for entry level prime brokers are much higher and these numbers relatively are $57K, $55K, $51K and $48K.

For junior prime brokers, the average salary in the US is $52,000. In NY, MA, IL and CA these numbers are $61K, $58K, $54K and $51K.

The average salary for senior executives is much higher than junior and entry level prime brokers since this number is $80,000 within the US. In the NY, MA, IL, CA relatively are $94K, $90K, $84K and $79K.

What these numbers seem not to include are the monthly commission checks which are cut to successive prime brokerage relationship managers. These individuals can make $5,000-100,000/month through trading commissions alone.

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