Hedge Fund Industry & The US Economy

Hedge Fund Industry

Hedge Fund Industry | US Economy

Here is a short piece reviewing what has happened to hedge funds within 2008:

They preached to the rich that they had the answers – philosophically-driven investment vehicles for the rich. Some crawled and leaped into emerging markets (high-growth but unstable developing countries), a few financed movies while others created and plied the infamous derivative trade – many packaging subprime mortgages, rating them in tranches and either holding them or selling them as high-yield instruments to institutions like Bear Stearns, AIG and Lehman Bros. A lot of billionaires were born and made in those deals.

Today, even the federal bailout has excluded investing in these funds, as hedge funds are pulling their investments out of emerging markets as fast as they can, tanking the local currencies against a rising dollar and yen. Investors are pulling their money, when they can, out of hedge funds themselves (literally dumping their investments in the already volatile marketplace), and that is a big shoe rapidly slipping off the foot ready to drop. The New York Times today: “Hedge funds lost an estimated $180 billion during the last three months and some are near collapse. Investors are demanding their money back, and Wall Street is bracing for a shake-out in the $1.7 trillion industry.” Source

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