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Resource #1: (3.10.09) Artradis, Singapore's largest hedge fund manager, said on Tuesday increased regulation is the biggest risk facing the hedge fund industry as it could limit its ability to take advantage of a turmoil in global markets.

"The biggest threat we now face, the thing that keeps me awake at night is regulation," Stephen Diggle, a managing partner at Artradis Fund Management, told the Investment Management Association of Singapore conference.

"Name me a single regulator who was actually ahead of the game and tried to stop some of the things that went really wrong." source

Resource #2: (3.9.09) Artradis Fund Management, Singapore's largest hedge fund manager, said on Monday it has hired David Dredge from Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS.L) as managing director for portfolio management.

Dredge was deputy global head of local markets at RBS as well as its head of local markets trading and risk management in Asia. He is also deputy chairman of the Singapore Foreign Exchange Market Committee. source

Resource #3: Astradis Launches Convertible Bond Fund
Artradis Fund Management, a Singapore-based hedge fund manager with over $4 billion in assets, said on Monday it plans to raise $500 million for a fund that will invest in Asian convertible bonds.

"The fund will be opportunistic, largely focused on buying cheap convertible bonds in Asia including Japan," Artradis said in a statement. "Initially the fund will not deploy leverage and assets will be held in custodian accounts to minimize counterparty risk."

Resource #4: Artradis Fund Management is an absolute return asset management company focused on delivering non market correlated, risk adjusted returns in Asian markets.

The company was founded in 2001 with the intention of deploying a multi-asset class trading philosophy to the absolute return industry in Asia.

Artradis currently manages over US $4 billion dollars, in different absolute return funds, each with clearly defined objectives and risk parameters. These are the Artradis Barracuda Fund, the Artradis AB2 Fund, the Artradis Asian Convertible Bond Fund, the Artradis Naga Funds and the Artradis Russian Opportunities Fund

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