2007 Global Prime Brokerage Survey | Prime Broker Survey Results

Global Prime Broker Survey

Global Prime Brokerage Survey

The results of the 14th Global Custodian Prime Brokerage Survey have been released by Global Custodian, a magazine that covers international securities services businesses. A total of 2,826 responses were received in relation to 23 prime brokerage firms, of which 15 had sufficient responses to be rated.

The top rating globally was received by Morgan Stanley, followed by Deutsche Bank and Bear Sterns. More relevant to Australian hedge funds is the rating in Asia (ex Japan) where Deutsche Bank headed the table followed by UBS and Morgan Stanley. Other rated prime brokers in Asia (ex Japan) were Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers and Credit Suisse.

Highly rated Morgan Stanley had some below average ratings in reporting and securities lending, while Deutsche Bank scored below average in some areas of reporting and technology. Both had strong results in client service.

55 questions were asked across nine service areas including:
  • client service
  • operations
  • hedge fund business consulting services
  • financing
  • securities lending
  • reporting
  • capital introductions
  • technology, and
  • value
Results were grouped by different sized clients (less than $100 million, $100 million - $1 billion and over $1 billion).

To achieve a top rated service or top rated regional provider required was not too hard a hurdle as it required achieving an overall weighted average score that was equal to or better than the average score for that service or region.

By Rick Steele

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