Hedge Fund Listings

Hedge Fund Listings

Important Note
: This is not a up-to-date list, complete list or recommended list of hedge funds. It is simply a list put together by Investment Seek that I would like to reference here in hopes of aggregating these types of publicly available listings of hedge funds.




  • Camden Asset Management
    St. Albans Partners, Barnet Partners, Yield Strategies Fund I, Yield Strategies Fund II

  • Camelot Management

  • Campbell & Co.
    Financial, Metal, and Energy Large Portfolio

  • Cantillon Capital Management
    Cantillon World, Cantillon Europe, Cantillon, U.S. Low Volatility, Cantillon Technology, Cantillon Pacific

  • Cardinal Fund Management
    distressed securities, risk arbitrage

  • Carlson Capital
    Double Black Diamond, Black Diamond, Black Diamond Relative Value, Black Diamond Arbitrage, Black Diamond European

  • Cartesian Capital Partners (United Kingdom)

  • Catrock Capital Management
    Specializes in in High Yield and Distressed Fixed Income

  • Caxton Associates
    Caxton Global Investments

  • Cerberus Capital Management
    Hoover's Profile
    Cerberus International, Cerberus Partners, Styx International, Styx Partners, Long Horizons Fund Series Two

  • Chapman Capital

  • Chelsey Capital

  • Cheyne Capital Management (United Kingdom)
    Specializes in Convertible Securities, Credit, Equities, Event-Driven Investing, Investment Grade Credit Default Obligations (CDOs) and Asset-Backed Securities (ABS).

  • Chilton Investment Company

  • Citadel Investment Group
    BusinessWeek Profile - Hoover's Profile - Yahoo! Profile
    Kensington Global Strategies, Wellington Partners

  • Clareville Capital (United Kingdom)

  • Clinton Group
    Hoover's Profile
    Clinton Multistrategy, Trinity, Clinton Global Fixed-Income, Clinton Arbitrage, and Clinton Riverside.

  • Coast Asset Management
    Fixed Income Arbitrage, Multi-Manager Portfolio Management, and Credit Spread Strategies

  • Cobalt Capital Management

  • Context Capital Management

  • Convexity Capital

  • CooperNeff - subsidiary of BNP Paribas

  • Copper River

  • Corymb Capital

  • CQS Management (United Kingdom)
    CQS Capital Structure Arbitrage, CQS Convertible & Quantitative Strategies

  • CPR Alternative Asset Management (France)
    Subsidiary of Credit Agricole Indosuez
    LibertyView Statistical Arbitrage Fund

  • Crescendo Partners



  • Eastbourne

  • Eco-Vest Advisors
    Offers portfolio management and investment services focused on all aspects of environmental and socially responsible investing, customized to meet our clients overall risk tolerance and investment objectives.

  • Efessiou Group

  • Egerton Capital (United Kingdom)
    Egerton European Dollar Fund, Egerton European Equity Fund, Egerton Capital Partners

  • EGM Capital

  • Elliott Management
    Firm Profile
    Elliott Associates, Elliott International

  • Emergent Asset Management (United Kingdom)

  • Emerging Value Asset Management

  • Eminence Capital

  • EN Benten Asset Management (United Kingdom)

  • EnTrust Capital

  • Equinox Management Partners

  • ESL Investments

  • Eton Park Capital Management

  • Exis Capital









  • Magnetar Capital

  • Man Investments (United Kingdom)
    Man AHL Diversified, Man AHL Alpha, Athena Guaranteed Futures

  • Marathon Asset Management
    Marathon Special Opportunity, Marathon Master, Marathon Global Convertible, Marathon Structured Finance, Marathon Real Estate Opportunity

  • Mariner Investment Group
    Mariner Partners/Mariner Atlantic, Caspian Capital Partners, Mariner Voyager, Mariner Opportunities

  • Marshall Wace Asset Management
    Eureka Funds (Long-Short Equity), Affinium

  • MatlinPatterson Asset Management
    MatlinPatterson Global Opportunities

  • Matthes Capital Management

  • Maven Capital Management (United Kingdom)

  • Maverick Capital

  • Mellon HBV Alternative Strategies
    Specializes in single manager event-driven hedge fund strategies at the lower-risk end of the hedge fund spectrum.

  • Merlin BioMed Group

  • Merrill Lynch Investment Managers - [Firm Profile]

  • Millennium International Management

  • Mondiale Asset Management (Canada)

  • Moore Capital Management
    Moore Global Investment, Moore Global Fixed Income, Remington Investment Strategies, Moore Emerging Markets, Moore Credit

  • Mortar Rock Capital Management












  • York Capital Management
    York Investment, York Select, York Capital Management, York Global Value Partners, York Credit Opportunities


  • Zweig-DiMenna Associates
List Source: Investment Seek

- Richard

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