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Anchor Point Capital LLC | Albert Hsu Notes

According the hedge fund newsletter publisher Hedgeweek, the founder, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer at US hedge fund Anchor Point Capital LLC, Albert Hsu, was arrested on 2 March 2007 and charged with attempted kidnapping and sexual assault. According to the New York Post he was arraigned in the Superior Court in Norwalk Connecticut, and set a bail of $1,000,000.

Mr Hsu was Chairman and Special Address speaker at Day 2 of the 8th annual Hedge Funds World Australia 2007 Conference in Sydney on 1 March 2007, the day before his arrest. Mr Hsu's presentation was mentioned in an earlier post on this blog covering the Hedge Fund World Conference.

Hedgeweek subsequently reported that Anchor Point Capital LLC has told investors it no longer employs Albert Hsu. "Albert would not be able to carry out his business duties and, therefore, is no longer an employee of the firm,'' according to a March 7 letter sent to clients by Timothy Crowe, chief executive officer of Florida-based Anchor Point. Crowe and Hsu started the firm in June 2005.

By Rick Steele

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